Post Show Report - 2012

Jaivik India 2012 Conference- Nature Pure, Nature Cure

The Claridges, New Delhi, 23 August, 2012

Touching on the key concerns, the inaugural edition of Jaivik India 2012 conference held at The Claridges on August 23, 2012 concluded on a successful note with plenty of learning and thoughts carried back by all participants.

Themed as, “Nature Pure, Nature Cure”, the Jaivik India 2012 Conference highlighted the fast shifting change towards organic farming, organic food, natural textiles, herbal and medicinal products, beauty and cosmetic ingredients, etc.

Organized by Comnet Conference, a division of Exhibitions India Group, the forum also deliberated important issues like production, certification, domestic and export marketing, etc.

The conference attracted industry veterans including Shri Sompal Ji, Chairman-Emeritus, ICCOA who delivered a thought-provoking keynote address, and Shri Sanjeev Chopra, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, who delivered the special address at the opening ceremony.

“It is high time that organics be developed into big business, because business only can take on business. Production and supply of inputs and techniques, including organic manures, biological controls of insects, pests etc., organizing certification, inspection and marketing with duly labeled consumer assurance can be done through organized business,” said Shri Sompal Ji.

With over 130 delegates and 18 distinguished speakers, the conference established a large impressive gathering of consumers and organic product manufacturers, including diverse participation from various organic certification companies, as well as government bodies.

The organic industry in India has begun to witness momentum in the domestic and export sectors fuelled by factors like greater concerns for food safety, health and environment.

Mr. Prem Behl, Chairman, Exhibitions India Group said, “Lifestyle factors like obesity, stress, health, etc. are major challenges, and citizens all over the world are focusing attention on natural and organic systems and products. The first Jaivik India 2012 conference is our effort to draw attention to the issues of organic and natural products for health and wellness.

The conference concluded on a highly successful note with valedictory remarks delivered by Shri Krishan Guptaa, MD & Global CEO, Organic India.

Yes Bank supported the conference as Knowledge Partner and presented an Industry White Paper Report entitled “Indian Organic Foods Market” during the inauguration.

Recommendations for Governments and Key Decision Makers

  • Key decision makers should highlight the negative aspects and harmful effects of chemical farming on the soil and environment. Farmers to be explained the economic aspects of organic agriculture, social and the health benefits on humans and livestock.
  • Create workable & viable practical models for organic farming in India
  • The majority of farmers being small and marginal, organizing production of organically farmed items through assured buyback/contract farming is the only business model which can sustain organic farming.
  • Top priority must be accorded to initiatives for producing vegetables, fruit and milk in the peri-urban areas. Established a variety of stores selling these perishable items exclusively, to provide a direct connection between the producer and the consumer.
  • The Government research system must undertake research on organic farming, and disseminate farmer friendly practices, norms and benchmarks for organic inputs and biological controls to minimize and completely do away with hazardous chemicals used in agriculture.
  • Detailed organic standards must be instituted on the basis of practices and standards operating in countries like Austria, Germany and Switzerland etc., who have standardized all the systems from production to processing and packaging under a streamlined legislative framework including standards accreditation which includes farm inputs, inspection, certification, labeling and traceability, etc.
  • It is essential for organic farming producing groups to receive state government support for marketing their products. State Government must establish organic farmers markets in urban centers for direct sales to consumers. This is a practice that is in operation in developed countries like Europe and USA.
  • Making organic products more accessible to the consumers through aggregate demand, proper communication, presence in general trade and stand alone organic trade chains.
  • Creation of transparent supply chains and linking consumers directly with producers, e.g. in community supported agriculture initiatives.




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